The NPNT (No Permission-No Takeoff) rule is an integral part of legal drone flight in India. Obtaining an NPNT compliance certificate involves several layers of protocols to be followed which initially was a challenge for drone manufacturers. However, this hurdle is increasingly being dealt with by manufacturers and several Indian drones are ready to hit the skies. Here are some of the NPNT compliant drones in India:

1. The A200 Drone

This high-performance surveillance drone, developed by a Bangalore based company Asteria Aerospace, is the first drone to be registered in India. Primary tasks of the 2 kg drone are surveillance, security, and industrial survey. Integrated with Asteria’s intuitive ground and cloud-based technologies, it collects and analyzes data. A200 is a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drone which makes it extremely efficient at operating in constrained environments. The drone’s compact nature and portability give it an upper hand in a fast-paced industry.

NPNT compliant drones
The A200 drone by Asteria Aerospace

2. Patang by Skylark Drones

The Patang drone was the first Indian drones to obtain an NPNT compliance certificate. The UAV is developed by a Bangalore-based startup, Skylark Drones. The company offers drone-based solutions in the area of infrastructure, public utilities, mining, and agriculture. Their drones help to track, analyze and detect problems by creating a 3D model to digitize geographical features.

NPNT compliant drones
Mrinal Pai, COO & Mughilan TR, CEO of Skylark Drones.

3. Lookout VTOL-Lite

The Lookout VTOL-Lite is a micro category UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) developed by Throttle Aerospace. The drone has a considerate payload capacity and endurance in extreme weather. Among the many features, it hosts swappable sensors like EO/IR, RGB Radiometric and Multispectral sensors. The Lookout drone is efficient at precision agriculture, topographical mapping, industrial inspections and much more.

NPNT compliant drones
The Lookout-VTOL RPAS by Throttle Aerospace

4. Ninja UAV

Developed by ideaForge, one of India’s oldest drone startup, the Ninja UAV offers great functionality and top-notch specifications. It has an operational range of up to 2 km, 25 minutes of flight time and 2 kg of takeoff weight. The Ninja can host different camera modules as payloads, such as daylight payload with 3x optical zoom, an HD imaging payload, and a thermal payload. Its main purpose is surveillance and mapping.

NPNT compliant drones
Ninja UAV by ideaForge

5. Insight-PPK Multicopter

The Insight-PPK Multicopter was developed by the Bangalore-based company Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS). This is a survey and mapping drone which is also NPNT compliant. It has a 3 km operational range, 30 minute flight time, and weighs 3.5 kg. This high-endurance drone claims to provide survey-grade accuracy, terrain-following and an in-built PPK Geotagger among several other features.

NPNT compliant drones
Insight-PPK Multicopter by AUS

It is estimated that the drone market in India is set to grow exponentially and is going to have thousands of registered drones flying. Moreover, with the drone regulations and infrastructure falling in place, the number of NPNT compliant drones is going to rise. With Drone Policy 2.0 vision statement and the upcoming BVLoS trials, the prospects for the Indian drone industry are looking brighter than ever.